About my Artwork

Laura Jean McLaughlin

Artist Statement


Storytelling and sharing often universal experiences of human existence through a broad range of mediums, has been a consistent thread in my artwork since I started expressing myself as a child.  My artwork consists of ceramic wall murals, clay sculptures and functional objects, linoleum prints, paintings on various surfaces as well as collaborative mosaic murals.  Ceramics is my first love and has been a major part of my studio practice for over 30 years because of its ability to be transformed two and three dimensionally into just anything providing the perfect matrix for expression. When I begin creating, I often do not know what the imagery will be and allow my stream of consciousness to take over, like cloud watching. This free form often Surreal outpouring of imagery and forms is part of the Schlumpy Funk movement where artists rely on Indwelling and the tacit dimension to derive their artistic expressions. I feel that by relying on the Subconscious, I am able express what is going on personally, socially, and politically